Taking Gaia Event Design Online

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1Gaia Event Design takes Centre Stage

They’re a trio of women, determined to host the most memorable events, lavish weddings and epic parties.

From small to large, private to corporate, if there’s something worth celebrating, it’s worth celebrating properly.

They’re a full Service Event Design Agency. They wanted, and rightfully deserve, a beautiful online presence to match their unique approaches to event design.

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2A website worth celebrating.

Photos are synonymous with Events. Abstract Black frames it is!

“Do we have to have colour in the website? We just want black and white everything.” — Dina and Ana, 2 of the founders of Gaia Event Design, in response to what colours they’d like to associate to the brand. Ok. “Oh, and marble.” 😅 Ok.

Composure was kept. We can do that. We did that. We just couldn’t hold back on the colour.

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Photos are synonynous with events. From selfies to professional photographers, it’s just how we capture these moments.

The inspiration was photo frames — abstract frames — images of moments celebrated by people. Up on a wall as it would be in your home.

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A moving wall of framed photos puts Gaia’s previous events on display.

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3Colours & Fonts

Black & White.
That’s what they said.

Contrast is perfect. Not a lot of excitement in it though. Well, to some. But luckily the images of Gaia’s event’s brought all the colour we could ever need.

For some of the headings we used green and pink gradients. 

Easy to Read.
Easy to understand.

Playfair Display for Titles and headings, Quicksand for paragraphs, buttons and labels. 

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4Writing Blogs about Events…
Challenge Accepted

We’re glad to say we have a copywriter who’s been doing a great job at adding to Gaia’s extensive event knowledge. She writes great DIY and informative blogs for Gaia Event Design on the regular.

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5As they Grow, we Grow with them.

We’re in it for the long run with Gaia Event Design and hope to make a difference within their business in every best way we can.

It’s research, strategy and design that’ll take us to knew heights. One day at a time.

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