Building Kwikframe a
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1The Story

Kwikframe is a construction material factory specialising in a highly cost-effective and rapid building method.

The product itself has been around for over 30 years in South Africa, but was previously know as Spaceframe.

Kwikframe aims to be the go to product for any and every building project, big or small.

boost your building efforts
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2Their Online Presence

What needed to be done.

Kwikframe’s brief entailed creating a website that was modern, sleek and easily understood. It would need to be a platform able to showcase the many projects built with the product, as well as provide technical details for the likes of contractor or architects who want to build with Kwikframe in their projects.

So, how do you build a website that’s easy to understand and simple to navigate for end consumers, but informative enough for the engineers, contractors and architects who’ll be working with the product?


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3Their Brand Identity

The problem was simple.

Working with a business to build a new identity from the ground up is no easy feat. But it’s also not impossible. Especially when the brand wants to keep things simple, and gives us free reign over the creative.

So what did they want? Something easy, something clean. Something synonymous with the building and construction industry. The task was pretty clear cut.

The solution is beautiful.

We chose bright, contrasting colours that are easy on the eyes and add an energetic and lively feel to the brand. We used bold, simple shapes to direct attention and highlight important information.

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4The Journey continues

Over the past months working with Kwikframe, we have built a great working relationship and continue to expand the horizons of their business through digital transformation.

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